Wedding is the most unforgettable thing in every couple's life, and it also witnesses the happiest moment of a couple. So whether we go to a friend's wedding or go to a party, we should pay attention to our appearance and dress. We should attend in formal dress, which is not only respect for others but also responsible for ourselves, and we should pay more attention to dress when attending the wedding. Dressing up to attend the wedding also shows that we attach importance to attending the wedding. So at this time, we all need to know what clothes to wear for the wedding. Now let's take friends to know about the guests' clothes and wedding clothes!

   Wedding Guest Dresses 

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  1. Lady

  When attending other people's wedding, we must pay attention to not steal the spotlight of the bride, so it is better not to wear the same color and style of clothes as the bride, and it is better to choose the pink knee-length dress. The fabric and color of this dress can fully reflect the warm atmosphere of the wedding. If you decorate some exquisite and fashionable accessories on the dress, you can also highlight your personal fashion taste. Women can also choose apricot, yellow, purple and other colors for the wedding dress, which not only looks exquisite and generous, but also highlights the wedding festive atmosphere.

  2. Men

  Wearing a suit is the most suitable dress for men to attend other people's wedding, but it is better to choose black for the color system of the suit, which is more suitable. White is easy to match the groom. In addition, you must not wear slippers and vests to the wedding, which is disrespectful.

  2、 Wedding dress

  1. Traditional weddings are usually held in hotels, with a bit of solemnity and sanctity. Therefore, the style selection should also be dignified and grand. The style selection can be based on medium and long gowns, coupled with an exquisite handbag, which is believed to be the most appropriate. Unless some special guests at the wedding have clothing requirements, do not wear strange clothes to attend the wedding.

  2. The traditional wedding dress is usually in festive colors. For example, pink, violet and rose gold are quite good choices. Because the bride's wedding dress is white, it is better not to wear a white dress to attend. Black is also a big taboo.

  3. Wearing formal clothes to attend the wedding is a kind of respect for the new couple. You must not wear sandals or slippers, nor wear black clothes to attend the wedding, which will make people feel unlucky.

  4. Girls should not take the lead of the bride when they dress at the wedding. Especially in the West, they should try to avoid wearing white or beige clothes, because this is the color of the bride, unless the bride requires you to wear it, that can be another matter.

  5. For the newlyweds, the wedding is the most beautiful banquet in their life. In order to express their blessings and respect, remember not to wear knitwear or cotton clothes to the wedding.

   Dress color suitable for wedding


Wedding Guest Dresses

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       1. Purple series

  These colors can't be wrong, no matter the noble purple or the light purple series, they are all right. These colors are not very outstanding, but they look very bright, warm and elegant. They not only show your own taste and temperament, but also won't steal the glory of the new lady, and won't trigger some bad luck at the wedding.

  2. Pink series

  This is also a very suitable color for wedding wear, and there are many popular pink colors in recent years, such as nude pink and leather pink, which will not only make you look very rustic, but also play a role in brightening skin tone and enhancing popularity. And the pink series is an absolutely safe color, which will not cause any problems, and is another best choice to attend the wedding.

  3. Wine or rose

  If you like the red series of clothes, and you want to be noticed at the wedding, but you can't steal the bride's attention, then you can choose wine red or rose red, which has a very outstanding and bright color impact, and there will not be those messy taboos.

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