First, let's see what styles women's swimsuits generally have. Women's swimsuits are mainly divided into the following styles:

  Two-piece style: two-piece style refers to a suit with separate jacket and trousers. There are bikini style and general two-piece head style. The bikini style is also called three-point style, which is characterized by very few materials. There is no denying that the three-point swimsuit is the most attractive. If women have a proud figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimsuit can be the first choice.

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  One-piece style: one-piece style, similar to that worn by professional athletes, can be divided into long-leg style and high-fork style, which can be divided into high back, middle back and low back according to the degree of back exposure.

  There is also skirt. For women with flat hips, it is very appropriate to choose skirt swimsuits, which can not only beautify the hips visually, but also show the beauty of the legs.

  Wear different swimsuits for different occasions: generally, it is recommended to wear one-piece swimsuits when swimming in the pool, and try to avoid wearing bikini and skirt (high resistance); You can wear bikini, skirt, etc. if you are in the hot spring or at the seaside.

  About swimsuit shopping:

  Quality purchase

  When purchasing a swimsuit, you can touch it with your hands or refer to the ingredient content table of the material to see how the material is. A good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic. The texture of the fabric is relatively dense, and the cutting is exquisite. The elastic thread is used for sewing, which will not break the thread due to movement. When trying on, follow the principle of fit and comfort. If it is too large, it is easy to carry water, which will increase the body burden and the resistance when swimming. If it is too small, it is easy to cause strangulation on the limbs, causing poor blood flow.

  1. Fabric and structure. It is better to choose elastic fabric with spandex content of more than 15%, so that the swimsuit can stretch freely with body movement; When swimming in the swimming pool, pay attention to the adaptability of the fabric to the chlorine molecular content of the water in the swimming pool. The swimwear made of the most popular three-dimensional elastic fabric in the world is most suitable for use in low temperature water or swimming. Because this kind of fabric is more hollow, it is easy to maintain body temperature. Try to buy less or no imitation so-called "imported spandex high-elastic fabric". First, the spandex content of clothing fabrics is generally around 15% - 20%, and second, the elasticity of the imitated fabrics is very poor after water due to the variation of the composition.

  2. Workmanship and safety. As the swimsuit is a sportswear with strong tensile force, it is better not to choose the style with more splices. When the amount of movement is large, it is easy to open the line from the splice. At the seams, three stitches and five stitches are the basic, and three stitches and six stitches are the most secure. The elasticity of the thread should be consistent with the stretch of the fabric. It is better to choose the beach wear series with pleated lines, which is beautiful and more elastic.

  3. In terms of hygiene, the silk cover cotton swimsuit has the advantages of smooth and bright chemical fiber fabric on the surface, and the inner layer is made of pure cotton, which is not irritating to the skin, and is especially suitable for people with skin allergy. The crotch of the swimsuit should be lined, and the swimsuit with lining should have a longer life. Use it after washing.

  4. In terms of safety, when swimming in natural rivers, seashore and deep water, you should choose the swimsuit with a large contrast to the color of the water. In case of danger, the target is obvious and convenient for first aid.

  5. Body and skin color. If the chest is too large, it is suitable for the wide shoulder V-neck swimsuit; For those with too small bust, try to avoid strapless swimwear; The flat chest is suitable for the swimsuit with decorative pleats on the chest; If the hip circumference is too large, you may choose the ultra-short swimsuit; For those with thick waist and lack of moving curves, the assembled swimsuit can make up for the defects, and the effect after wearing is very good; The leg shape is thick and short, and the style with the leg cut high and the lower part is sharp angle shape should be selected; The long and thin legs lack the sense of symmetry, and the flatfoot swimsuit is the first choice.

  Body shopping

  Thin and weak women should use bright colors to emphasize the lines of their bodies, and avoid wearing dark swimsuits. It is better to wear swimsuits with patterns all over the body, so that people's eyes will be attracted by those patterns, and they will not easily notice the flat body. In style, they should also avoid choosing swimsuits without shoulder straps.

  Obese women will not appear slim because they wear tight swimsuits. On the contrary, too tight will reveal their physical defects. Young and obese women can choose colorful swimsuits with vertical stripes to show their fitness and youthful vitality. The three-point style should be avoided, and the "backless" swimsuit is more appropriate.

  The swimwear of girls in primary and secondary schools should be bright and colorful to show their fitness and liveliness. Those with small breasts should wear swimsuits with horizontal lines or wrinkles, while those with thick legs should choose swimsuits with black frame patterns on the side of the legs, which can make the legs feel slender.

  Those with large chests can choose swimsuits with twill patterns or large print patterns, which can move people's attention away from the upper chest to achieve the effect of concealment. When the belly bulge is pear shaped, you can choose a tricolor swimsuit. The colors on the waist are cross matched, and the dark color under the waist can cover the bulge belly.

  Matching skills

  1. Type A figure: The lack of plump breasts is the worry of many oriental women. For women with small and flat breasts, if they want to make their breasts look fuller, they must choose some swimwear styles with pleats on the front chest, because the pleats with three-dimensional sense can make their breasts look more rounded. If you want to make the effect more obvious, you can choose bright colors such as peach and yellow to set off the white skin, which can make the lines more prominent.

  Key points: The chest has radian lines, "V" shaped split lines, and a half-cup shaped or bikini special bra pad is added to the chest. The irregular large flower pattern is selected, and the color is mainly bright, which can cover the protruding pad edge. Avoid simple and monochrome swimsuits.

  2. Type B figure: thin waist and wide crotch are the most typical figure of oriental girls. If you want to correct this figure, you can try skirt swimsuit and split swimsuit, which can achieve different effects. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can play a covering role, but it should be noted that the width of the skirt, too tight can only play the opposite role. Due to the division between them, the split swimsuit weakens the contrast between the waist and the crotch, thus highlighting the thin waist and reducing people's attention to the wide crotch. If the hips are plump, you should choose a flat foot or short skirt style swimsuit, with exaggerated patterns on the upper body, which can effectively cover the fat hips. Because exaggerated patterns can divert attention, while shorts or short skirts can effectively cover the full hips and play a decorative effect.

  Key points: Slightly upturned skirts and boxers. You can also add a scarf to the swimsuit, which helps to cover the shortcomings of large hips and thick legs.

  3. H-shaped figure: it is already flat, and wearing a simple swimsuit will make it look more like "noodle in clear soup". Use the unique swimsuit to increase the beauty of the body, which can make you mysterious and sexy. Bikini is a good choice. It can highlight the beauty of lines and make the waist and legs look longer. However, the color should be mainly plain, and try to avoid the choice of bright colors and exaggerated patterns. Of course, although these eye-catching styles can make the body appear plump, they cannot make the body appear slender.

  Key points: use of transparent materials, layered skin exposure design.

  4. The upper body is too narrow: select the shirt-in style, which can highlight the collarbone and the horizontal shirt-position.

  Key points: choose Halter-neck hanging neck or single-shirted belt or low-cut off-shoulder style, which will make the shoulders on both sides appear wider.

  5. The lower body is thicker: For women with thicker waist and lack of lines, no matter what type of swimsuit they wear, they only need to know the matching of colors to get the effect of narrowing waist lines. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite. You can also wear a three-point or two-piece head to shift the visual focus to the upper and lower positions, so the waist looks a little thinner. For women with thick legs like players, they might as well wear some high-slit swimsuits. Although this will expose the legs, it will make the legs appear longer and make the lines more beautiful visually, or the style with thin straps on both sides of the pants will also make the legs look longer.

  Key points: wear less monochrome swimsuit, and the pattern on the waist can also distract the sight. Avoid wearing flat feet or shorts, which will make your legs shorter.

  6. Full-breasted figure: Breast enhancement should be equipped with a one-piece swimsuit. For women with full breasts, they always feel uncomfortable when wearing swimsuits and are often afraid to walk away. Consider the style of a head, which can not only lengthen the line of the body, but also reduce the chance of losing light.

  Key points: The horizontal pattern can make the full upper circumference appear flat, and the combination of the two can make the lines more uniform and natural.

  7. Note: White taboo - white swimsuits are often taboo for women. Because of the light color, and the cloth is not thick enough, there will be an embarrassing situation of perspective when you go into the water, so pay attention to:

  Select a thick texture and pull it with force to test the thickness of the cloth.

  Avoid using latex stickers. If the texture of the swimsuit is too thin, you will see it.

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