Midi skirt can easily satisfy all your fantasies about elegant and fashionable women. It is a gentle and retro medium long style, easily covering all the problems of thick legs and big hips. It is free and elegant. Who doesn't want one? This summer will definitely become a hot hit. Let's see!

  First, a brief introduction to Midi style skirt

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  1. Popular time

  Midi skirt, the name of Midi skirt in Chinese, was very popular in the 1940s, especially on February 12. 1947. when Mr. Dior first introduced this series.

  "New style and new style" makes the mysterious umbrella skirt of the black dress become the symbol of Dior image series. At that time, European women who loved exquisite and elegant style were crazy about it.

  2. Version

  Midi skirt refers to a mid length skirt that exceeds the knee but does not exceed the ankle. In recent years, the basic style of Midi skirt has been borrowed more or less, whether it is umbrella skirt, pleated skirt, A-line skirt or other dresses.

  Street photography and blockbusters also increasingly like this elegant retro style. The most important thing is that for pear shaped and slightly fat women, midi skirts can take advantage of their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses and magnify their physical advantages~

  3. Representative - Hepburn

  Speaking of name, Midi skirt represents Hepburn is definitely the ancestor. It can even be said that Hepburn led Midi Skirt into a broad public view.

  In many old photos, you can see the way of wearing shirts and midi skirts, which fully demonstrates the elegant charm.

  4. Fashion show LOOK

  Midi skirt represents the British aristocratic temperament, which is retro but not deliberate. It can be seen that in various fashion shows, like LV Dior, the element of midi skirt is indispensable, and it is easy to show thin and tall when paired with a pair of high-heeled shoes.

  5. Advantages of Midi style skirt

  The advantage of Midi skirt lies in its thinness, not its figure. After all, it's summer and the time to dress. Who doesn't want to be thin? Beautiful and charming?

  The length above the knee just covers the length of the lower leg, which can cover the thick leg. It can be an elegant retro style or a pure girl style with various styles.

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