What drop shipping service process will be?

Step1 Contact us to submit the document and open the drop ship account.

Step2 You may use our product photos we provided to promote products at any of your social network page (website, BlogSpot, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to collect order from you customers.

Step3 If you need custom make your own label, please contact our sales representative to custom make firstly. Then we will upload a product which is named of your label and offer link to you.

Step4 After any order placed to you, just come to our website and place order directly by filling your customer’s shipping address..

Step5 If you want to add label or tag, please add the corresponding products into your order

Step6 Finish the payment. The order will be automatically shipped out within 24hrs.

Note: if there is no order in your account for 3 months, the label/tags would be abundant and the drop ship account could be frozen.

Frequently Asked Questions

🔍 How long on average does it take for an order to go from your factory to our customer in USA/UK/AU, etc.?

Usually it takes 24hrs to process and prepare your order after you pay, then 3 working days to reach to your customers house, door to door, via official DHL.

🔍 What happens when a customer wants to refund or exchange due to ordering the wrong size but not opening the item?

The customer has to pay for both the shipping cost of returning the wrong item due to ordering the wrong size and resending a new correct one. So before you place the order, please ask your customer to choose the correct size that fit her well, which will be better.

🔍 What happens if a customer receives an item but it is damaged from your factory, will you send another one at not costs If we provide evidence with pictures?

The items are checked 3 times by our QC before shipment, so they are always in good condition, can’t be damaged. Well, if any products with quality problem, we accept your return or exchange. But because of too low wholesale price, we can’t afford return or exchange shipping charges and the first shipping charge is not refundable under any condition.

🔍 Can you print our own invoice and logo on the shipping label and not reference the name of your company in any way, this is to let customer think the products are coming from our company?

Because all packages are shipped from company, so the sender address information on shipping label must be from company, it can’t be yours, or the package will be refused by DHL, hope you understand. But what we usually do for drop shipping sellers is to put your company’s or boutique’s brand name on shipping label, but address is still ours in company. If any customers ask you why it’s from company, you can tell them we’re your warehouse.

🔍 Does your company print custom labels on the actual clothing if required for drop shipping? Or is that only for bulk inventory orders?

Of course we can put your company’s labels on each dress you order! If you don’t have physical labels, we can custom make and sew them on your order each time

🔍 How much is shipping per each order shipped to a customer?

The shipping cost to a customer in USA, let’s suppose 1 piece each time, shipping cost is $23 by official DHL, only 3 working days delivery time. Of course, we also offer some shipping way like post, E-packet, EMS, etc. You can contact us to know more.

🔍 How many orders daily can you company handle for drop shipping to our clients?

We can handle more than 1,000 orders daily, so no worry about your orders, no matter how many you send us, we can handle them very well because we’re rich experienced on this.

🔍 Are there any import taxes or fees that we have to worry about ever, or customs holding packages from our clients who order?

Usually there are no import taxes or fees cause we will put a much lower value on commercial invoice like $5 or $10 each, to help you get through your custom more easily. In case, custom inquiry the real value of your parcel, please told your customer to declare the same value with what we wrote on shipping label.

🔍 What if I got several orders from my customers? Can I order together?

One order per customer, as we are delivering according to the customer address you provided.