You should wear relaxed and pleasant clothes when attending birthday parties. How do you dress appropriately in the party?

   When you attend a birthday party, you should also make your clothes happy. It can't be as gorgeous as attending a banquet, but wear a moderate sense of refinement. In this way, we can control the happy atmosphere of the birthday party.

Birthday Dresses

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       1. Avoid wearing black clothes. Some girls like or are used to wearing dark clothes, and even wear only black all year round, which seems to be insulated from color. However, when you attend a friend's birthday party in the hot summer, the sultry black dress will make everyone feel uncomfortable. If you insist on the black dress, you can replace the black stockings with translucent printed black stockings, or a crisp silk dress with some bright accessories, and you can also get full marks for your personality.

  2. The design should not be too fancy. If you wear a complex vintage printed T-shirt or irregular animal head vest on your upper body, you should not choose the same too complicated patterns for the lower body, otherwise the whole body style will have no focus, and the patterns and patterns are too complicated but dazzling. Even some patterns with three-dimensional effects will make your whole body look too lively, and excessive collocation will lose the effect.

  3. Don't dress too brightly. Attend the birthday party instead of the wedding, so don't dress up like a bridesmaid. Too festive clothes are not suitable for the birthday party, but will be very strange. If you are going to a friend's birthday party, don't dress yourself up as the hero of the birthday party. Too eye-catching shape should affect the mood of the birthday party.

  4. Don't wear baggy jeans. If it's your birthday party, you should dress yourself well. If you attend a friend's birthday party, you should also dress yourself carefully out of politeness, if you take that friend seriously. And a baggy and wrinkled jeans should not appear at the birthday party. It can only accompany you to watch soap operas at home again. Don't let the completely ill-fitting jeans go out. This is the fashion rule you should adhere to. You can choose light-colored wide-leg pants.

  Learn to wear the above clothes, and you can show a moderate sense of refinement at the birthday party.

  2. What clothes should girls wear for the birthday party?

  The dress is exquisite but not conspicuous

  Of course, you need a beautiful dress to attend the banquet, but you should pay attention to the appropriate delicacy. If you make too much publicity, you will have a sense of gaudiness, which is definitely not the temperament we want to create. This dress is very suitable for wedding. The color of smoke grey is very beautiful and thought-provoking. It is decorated with light tulle, like a fairy dancing in the forest. The delicate and romantic lace is destined to make you extraordinary, but it is just right that you will not compete with others. Match the necklace with the same color

  Some trinkets may seem too cumbersome at ordinary times, but they are definitely a bonus for the banquet. It is necessary to easily and simply create a noble temperament. The necklace made of turquoise in the shape of feathers and hand-painted crystal enamel is unforgettable and elegant. The hand-painted painting comes from the intensive work of the craftsman, and at the same time creates a sense of advanced sense. The blue and green color match is fresh and natural, making you become the focus of the party in a flash. High heels should be elegant and comfortable

  Some girls think that they must wear "Hentian Gao" at the party, which is not correct. It is precisely because the banquet can't go wrong, so a pair of comfortable high-heeled shoes is very important. It ensures that you can be flexible and relaxed throughout the banquet. Nobility and comfort can coexist at the same time. For example, this one fully interprets this principle. The design of the middle heel makes you wear it for a long time, while the design of the thin heel brings elegance and romance. The color matching of the sapphire blue is very advanced. It is a hot topic in the fashion world to decorate with small pearls.

  3. How to dress up for a friend's birthday party so as not to steal the spotlight of a friend?

  Shirt skirt plus A-line skirt. Shirt skirt can be said to be the highest matching item in the skirt folding wear routine. It can almost match any one of your skirts. Especially the shirt skirt and A-line skirt can not only fully modify the figure, but also very simple and fashionable. The suspender dress is very sexy for women, but many working women like it but can't match it because of the situation, so don't miss it at the birthday party. We can also add a cardigan outside.

  Don't wear red clothes too ostentatious. Wear simple ones. Both solid colors and broken flowers look good. A suspender skirt with lovely and delicate small flowers on it is the best choice, with a little light makeup. The tassel element has its own charm, and the letter sling adds some vitality to the skirt, which is very suitable for the student party. The design of cup type, ear edge and black spots all lead the fashion trend. When they are combined, they are really sweet.

  The black dress can perfectly show the figure. The design of the round neck is simple and generous, and the empty shoulder can leak out the fragrant shoulder, which is very attractive. The lower part of the mesh cake skirt is flexible and beautiful, and can also cover the hips. The evening dress uses traditional fabric, which makes it have a straight and full shape. Many evening dresses will use fabric such as taffeta, satin and so on to shape the dress. The dress skirt will be designed with soft satin, chiffon and other fabrics.

  When it comes to jewelry, if you choose exquisite and small type, you can wear a set of earrings and necklaces, and follow the same color principle. But if you choose earrings or necklaces that are very big and exaggerated, please choose only one, either earrings or necklaces. If there are many girlfriends at the party, your arrival is to add color to your girlfriend, so your image is very important first. Make yourself look good. It is suggested to pay attention to everything from hairstyle to dress. Prepare birthday gifts in advance. Cake must be a necessity. Of course, you can add innovation, roses and other surprise gifts to the cake. Prepare in advance. The atmosphere at the scene should be romantic and moving. Remember to bring some small gifts to your girlfriend.

  4. Different occasions need different clothes. What kind of clothes should I wear for formal occasions?

  To attend the formal stage, a dress or small dress is a popular item among many choices. Whether it is color or style, there will be great differences in the choice of types. It is precisely because of the grand occasion that the details of makeup and hairstyle are also of particular concern, so it is important to distinguish the dress matching according to different occasions. For women, keeping a few luxurious dresses in the wardrobe can be used to remind them to keep noble and not to let their figure go out of shape. Because some clothes are life. The dress is a reward for yourself.

  First visit to boyfriend's family - small plaid dress

  In the first meeting, how to match it to look dignified and not old in front of the future "parents"? Only by maintaining their own fashion taste and elegance can the elders feel relieved and satisfied with the younger generation. At the same time, everyone's words and deeds reveal a person's cultivation, which is beneficial and harmless for improving their image in the eyes of others. The classic and unbeatable plaid style always gives people the feeling of the girl next door, and the pink and chiffon materials are equally elegant. The fresh small lapel design gives a good impression of cleverness, and the Korean version of the waist style is more decorative waist lines.

  Annual meeting of the company - lace patchwork dress

  Each annual meeting gives women who seldom dress up on weekdays a chance to enjoy the red carpet addiction. If you want to dress brilliantly, that's all right. Prepare carefully selected Chinese clothes, which should not only be sexy, but also maintain the elegance of the annual meeting. The short dress is grand and low-key. The lace stitching and perspective design are full of femininity. The stunning shape will shine in the audience.

  Private banquet - nude pink dress

  When we receive more and more private banquet requests that are specially marked "Please wear formal clothes", it is particularly necessary to prepare several sets of formal dresses for yourself. A charming and elegant dress can make you look particularly bright in the crowd attending the banquet. The nude pink dress is the safest dress, and the sweet but not publicized color and simple design are the key.

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  5. What clothes are suitable for you to wear to your friend's birthday party?

  Be confident when choosing clothes. Don't give up many dressing styles because of age

  The correct way to open clothes, whether men or women, should learn to choose clothes that are suitable for them. It has nothing to do with age, and don't block your mouth with words like "afraid of being old" or "afraid of being haggard". When you choose the right clothes, you will make the whole person look much younger, so please remember one sentence: elegant, generous and clean. When selecting clothes, we should follow the "three look" principle, first look at whether the overall style is harmonious, second look at whether the color of the clothes conforms to the overall situation, and third look at whether the material of the clothes has different visual effects.

  Don't be too fancy when choosing clothes, choose some simple styles

  Use "white+stripes+plaid" to match, "plaid shirt+skirt" to match, and "white+plaid" to add a little more tips. Whether it's spring, autumn, winter or winter, the pants of clothes are longer than the skirt, which is the most convenient way to match. Shoes should not be too bright. Don't choose accessories of various colors. Choose the ones with similar colors, or they will look very fancy. In addition, remember that the clothes should follow the principle of "upper short and lower long". The jacket should be short, and the skirt or pants below should be long. The best length is 5cm below the knee.

  It's better to wear plain clothes for the birthday party of the elderly

  The old man should wear white on his birthday, because white can enhance a good sense of ceremony. It is better to buy a loose white coat in solid color. The fabric should not be too thick, too slim or too loose. The old can wear looser, while the young can look taller. The decor should be as pure as possible to look clean and tidy. White is a dividing line, and the beauty should be emphasized. Generally, light color is the main color. Don't wear too deep, especially black. White is very good.

  Don't wear plain clothes, because the old people want to be beautiful, and it is difficult to be brilliant with plain faces. The old man should wear white for his birthday. It still looks clean. Old people love clean, yes, they must love clean, no matter whether they shave or not, whether they prefer men to women, whether they are men or not. There is also this kind of neutral, especially clean, clothes are generally good-looking.

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