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  The trend changes rapidly, and those fashionable pieces that are regarded as classics are often abandoned as my shoes in a flash.

  Now, this cruel fate is coming on the "bandage skirt" - this kind of mini tight skirt, which was once regarded as the darling of the fashion industry, seems to be disappearing from people's vision. Even Kim Kardashian, a famous fashion lady who "made her fortune" by virtue of it, put it on the shelf.

  Is "bandage skirt" really out of fashion?

  The "bandage skirt" was introduced in the middle and late 1990s, and the French designer H é rve Peugnet (the chief creator of the French brand H é rve L é ger) was the first to put it on the catwalk and set off a fashion frenzy. The "bandage skirt" in the eyes of the designer is specially designed for "women who want to liberate their bodies". He told Vogue magazine that the charm of this skirt is that it "makes everyone want it" - it does not deliberately cover up the imperfections in women's bodies, but helps them highlight the "hourglass" shape.

  This skirt, usually made of lycra or silk, is known as "close fitting and exposed". It is full of elasticity and has a strong sense of coverage. The New York Times even humorously called it the "trump bandage", hence the name "bandage skirt".

  The "bandage skirt" made L é ger famous. The designer boldly subverted the "stereotype" that women could only expose their breasts or thighs when they were sexy, and encouraged them to expose both. This avant-garde concept was quickly recognized by the fashion avant-garde. Although a piece of thin cloth costs nearly a thousand dollars, girls still flock to it.

  For a long time, "bandage skirt" has occupied the forefront of the trend. It was even once crowned as the "symbol of women's self liberation", and its high status was amazing.

  Although the "bandage skirt" made of Lycra as the main material was denounced as a "bargain" by many people, it did not prevent it from spreading rapidly among women - no matter at the party of famous actress Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Lindsay Lohan's train party, or Snooki and J This little dress is absolutely necessary for Wow's revelry night at the bar on the Jersey coast.

  For those famous models who are at the forefront of fashion, it is even more indispensable - you can often see Victoria Beckham, Cindy Crawford, or Terra Banks wearing their enchanting figure in magazines. The figure of the goddess's buttocks is exposed to the world under the outline of the "bandage skirt", attracting countless house men and warriors.

  Under the influence of stars, the "bandage skirt", which is closely attached to women's skin, quickly becomes an indispensable tool for fashion fans to dress up. The three words "bandage skirt" became synonymous with "sexy" at that time - girls loved it like cultists and were happy to show off their curves with it.

  However, the most cutting-edge fashion usually fades the fastest. With its popularity in the mass market, this popular dress is gradually losing its appeal.

  Today, 15 years after its appearance, critics have refused to use "fashion" to describe this kind of tight skirt, instead calling it "cheap goods on the bad street". Even the former fans have jumped out to say goodbye.

  The "bandage skirt" even became a symbol of girls' "wild life attitude" - the New York Times called it "take me to party skirt" in an article, and it was recognized.

  What makes it notorious is that this kind of dress has become the favorite of "reality show babes" - girls eager to catch the public's attention often squeeze themselves into the "bandage skirt" of the second size to make their bodies appear to "explode". This is a headache for those in the circle who call themselves "elegant defenders". They angrily denounce the "bandage skirt" as "garbage" and are too lazy to care whether it is sexy.

  Although designers of brands such as Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler, Versace, Preen and Robert Rodriguez still tirelessly draw inspiration from L é ger's design, this still cannot prevent people from classifying "bandage skirts" as "bad taste". Once known as a classic dress in modern dress design, the dress is now being criticized most viciously. Some critics call it "the culprit of making clothes from elegant to poor".

  This view is not surprising. In fact, as early as five years ago, Vogue magazine classified the "bandage skirt" as a plaything for girls around 20 years old, which is difficult to be seen in public. "Girls put the fashion of the 1980s back on, trying to go back to the past they had never experienced, and consuming their excess passion."

  In the opinion of Eileen, a fashion columnist on the British "Daily Beast" website, the "bandage skirt" should have died long ago, and people don't even need to regret its exit: "Girls spend 1000 dollars to buy a small piece of thin cloth just to look like a social flower, which is incomprehensible."

  Even L é ger showed that he was tired of it, and even said that he wanted to draw a line with this little red dress. Maybe it's time to let this little skirt go.

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