For women in the workplace, proper dress, good manners and elegant posture are closely related to the image of each female employee, not to mention the good image of the enterprise. Most women who value their own image will choose to wear decent suits. So how to choose the fashionable professional dress group purchase? What are the basic etiquette of women's office dress?


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      1. The difference between women's business suits and men's

  You can wear a skirt, pants or a blouse in a suit. Wear clothes that fit and are not exposed. Don't wear clothes that are more attractive and distracting.

  Your clothes should not be too loose or too tight, nor too transparent or improperly cut (such as a low-cut blouse or high-cut skirt). Your clothes should be impressive but not too charming. Wear business suits to show your positive attitude and ability.

  2. Wear a skirt. Skirts are a must and the best choice for women all the year round. The length must be appropriate.

  Make sure your skirt is knee-length. When you sit down, the skirt should completely cover your thigh, and the long skirt is also acceptable, but it must not be tight enough, not too elegant, but not too tight, otherwise it will be inconvenient for you to go up the stairs.

  If you cross your legs in a chair and show a large part of your thigh, your skirt is too short. If it is inconvenient for you to walk in a short skirt, it is too small or too tight. The dark skirt is the safest and looks more professional.

  3. Wear a dress. Like a skirt, the suitable season for a dress is also very wide, but the length must be appropriate and fit.

  Like the skirt, the dress should also be knee-length, but it is better not to wear a dress dress, because it is too formal, such as to attend a dinner party or an award ceremony. Don't wear a backless dress. Do not wear thin shoulder straps or low-cut dresses. Sleeveless, short-sleeved and medium-sleeved dresses are acceptable. Choose neutral net colors, including black, navy, dark blue and gray. The dress and an underwear keep warm, which can also reduce skin abrasion. If you wear a dress, you don't have to wear a blouse.

  4. Wear formal pants. This kind of dress is more suitable for cold weather, and it is more stylish

  Make sure that your pants have pants lines and are properly cut. You can't wear tight pants or close-fitting pants. If your pants can show the lines of your underwear, they are too tight. If your underwear will show when you bend, your pants are too low. Choose conservative colors, such as black, navy, dark blue, and gray.

  5. Wear a proper blouse

  Women's shirts should not be too tight, the neckline should not be too low, and the shirts must be opaque. You can wear a sleeveless shirt or sleeved sweater with exquisite cutting. It can also be replaced by beautifully cut sleeve sweaters, sweaters and pullovers. The quality of blouses, shirts and sweaters should be excellent, such as cotton thread, silk or mixed fiber. Do not wear velvet or the glittering fabric you wear to the party.


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  Therefore, it can be seen from these aspects that the dress etiquette of women in the workplace is an indispensable part. Every woman should establish a style that best reflects her personality and taste to show the charm of women's professional dress.

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