Do you worry about clothes matching before going out every day? In the end, how to match clothes is the most suitable for your body. Now I will share with you several basic body proportion clothing matching methods.

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  (1) Pear shaped body is suitable for long and short

  The upper length and the lower length of clothes are the more popular way of clothing collocation recently. Some women prefer to wear the upper body clothes a little longer, especially the upper body clothes just cover the hips. Of course, this is subject to the golden section ratio of the figure. The lower hem of the coat is just at the point where the golden proportion of the whole body floats up and down.

  This kind of clothing matching method can trim the oversized hips of pear shaped people and cover up their body defects. Of course, if your figure is not too backward or too broad, there is no need to deliberately cover it, or it will further expose the short board of your waist line.

  For ordinary pear shaped women, you can choose to wear clothes that are long at the top and short at the bottom. At the same time, you can appropriately pack up the length of the hem on one side of the clothes to create a look that is not right or left, which will increase the flexibility of the whole shape.

  (2) Highlight leg length, suitable for short up and long down

  Short up and long down is a retro style, but it is not out of date at present. The character modeling in Japanese anime basically uses short up and long down clothes to highlight the slender legs of the characters.

  Short up and long down were particularly popular in the past few years, and this kind of combination is undoubtedly a icing on the cake for women with a good figure ratio. This kind of combination can highlight the slender lower body, and play a lengthening effect on beautifying the leg lines. Especially for some people with short and long statures, it can play a certain role in correcting their own body proportions.

  In addition, the short jacket can focus people's attention on the position of the chest line to a certain extent. In addition, the short jacket can highlight the beauty of women's chest lines. For "poor breast" women, you can try to choose a short jacket to highlight the chest lines. It is recommended that the length of the jacket should not exceed the belly button.

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  (3) Uniform clothing collocation

  As mentioned above, there are two more commonly used clothing collocation methods. Here, I have to mention the clothing collocation method of upper and lower equality. In fact, this kind of clothing collocation is relatively "rustic". This kind of collocation is too balanced, which can not modify the figure lines very well, and the way of dressing will also appear to be less spiritual. In particular, in order to highlight the matching effect, some people will match their clothes with a more eye-catching belt, which will further worsen their body proportion, making them appear to have long waist and short legs, and even easily make others illusion that they will cut off their waist.

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