In the process of communication between people, the first impression we make on others is only 6 seconds, and that is the lifetime impression we make on others. The first impression mainly includes three aspects: image, voice and background information. Among the three, the proportion of image in the first impression is 55%, the voice is 38%, and the remaining 7% is the background information of the conversation between the two sides.

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      After understanding the importance of dress for the first impression, the following aspects should be considered for the basic requirements of dress

  (1) Dress color. Color is the most important factor in our whole dress, and also the most important factor to leave a first impression. Therefore, the color requirement of dressing is to choose the color that really suits you, and the color that really suits you is born, which can make your entire mental outlook more spiritual.

  (2) The second is the dressing style. The style is also innate, which determines the dressing style, cutting, fabric, pattern, hair style and other aspects of each of us. If the dressing style is right, then your own temperament can be truly displayed.

  (3) Third, the TPO principle, that is, dressing for occasions, means that we should wear clothes that match the occasion at specific occasions, places and times. Occasions are generally divided into professional occasions, leisure occasions, dating occasions and social occasions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the clothes that meet the dress requirements for different occasions on the premise of selecting the colors and styles that are suitable for you.

  (4) Fourth, body shape modification. One of the basic functions of image design is to beautify the body shape of each of us. Through body shape modification, we can modify the areas where we are not satisfied with our body shape, so as to make our body shape perfect!

  (5) Fifth, makeup. In fact, makeup should be in the first point of color. The natural color season of each of us determines the color of each of us from head to foot, including makeup. We should also adjust our makeup according to the color and style within our own color range, such as whether you are suitable for light or heavy makeup, and what color of lipstick, powder blusher, eye shadow, etc.

  (6) Sixth, hair style. Hair style is not only influenced by our face shape, but also closely related to our style. Among them, style plays a leading role in our hair style. For example, people with classical style are suitable for traditional hair styles, while fashion people are suitable for hair styles with a sense of design. At the same time, the purpose of considering the face shape is to modify the face shape into the popular aesthetic of the public. Oval faces also improve their image by developing their strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

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  (7) The last is personal etiquette, including the appearance of each of us. That is to say, we should conform to certain etiquette norms for our own occasions,

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