Everyone's body shape is different, so dressing is naturally different. Girls with pear shaped bodies can't wear tight bottoms, while those with strawberry shaped bodies can't wear clothes that expose shoulder width. The hourglass shaped body seems to be one of the most enviable of these figures. Let's talk about how to dress with the hourglass shaped body today.

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  1. What is hourglass shape

  For girls with hourglass figure, the width of shoulders and hips is close, with little difference, and the waist is also thin. To put it bluntly, there is a waist and a crotch, which can be said to be a perfect S-shaped curve. Ha ha, I really admire it.

  2. Difference between hourglass shape and pear shape

  Some girls often confuse the hourglass shape with the pear shape. The shoulders of the pear shape are narrower than the hips, and the lower part of the body is relatively fat. The shoulders and hips of the hourglass shape are generally wide. The emphasis is that the lower part of the body is plump, curved, not very fat.

  3. What clothes are suitable for hourglass figure

  Since the hourglass shape should be the slim waist that everyone admires, the skirt should be selected as close as possible to highlight the small waist, which is more curvy and feminine. At the same time, the waist skirt can help you stretch the proportion of the lower body, making the legs much longer.

  The floral waist closing dress, with a little bit of buttocks in the skirt, shows an S-shaped curve, while the design of the buttocks makes you look fuller. The waist collection hip wrap jumpsuit is naturally the destiny of hourglass figure. The upper body seems to have waist and crotch, ha ha, a little envious.

  If you wear a pear shaped figure with a hip wrap skirt, it will make your lower body a little plump, which is to say, a little fat. The hourglass figure looks fuller and more curvy, not fat, but sexy.

  The dress of slim fitting and hip hugging style, with its upper body just fitting the figure curve, showing a slim waist, still full lower body, and perfect S-shaped curve on the side, is a little difficult to wear without a feminine look.

  In addition to the hip wrap skirt, the fishtail skirt is also a good choice. While the slim hip wrap style highlights the S-shaped curve, the fishtail shaped hem can appear elegant, sexy and spiritual.

  The sequin style fishtail skirt, bulingbuling's visual sense is really a little conspicuous. The waist is tied with a small vest, showing a thin waist and buttocks, sexy but not frivolous, full of femininity. In contrast, this black fishtail skirt is much more low-key, showing an S-shaped curve while being implicit, elegant and knowledgeable.

  Although skinny jeans are worn by many people, they are still hourglass shaped in terms of sexy and good-looking. The tight shape can just fit the curve of the lower body. It can highlight the waist and outline the hips, not only making it look fat, but also making it more sexy.

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  Since the figure is concave and convex, it is recommended that girls with hourglass figure choose tight jeans, which can just highlight their figure, show a sense of curve, and the upper body can be paired with a short top, showing a little small waist, which is also very sexy.

  Ha ha, I still envy the hourglass figure. I can handle ordinary clothes. There are few clothes I can't wear. It is also convenient to buy clothes.

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