What kind of clothes do you wear when you go home? This needs to be judged by age. Here are some suggestions for young girls:

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  1. Mid length skirt

  The mid length skirt has the effect of covering the thigh, but try not to wear a skirt that goes below the knee. If it reaches the ankle, it will appear very low, so pay attention to this when choosing a skirt.

  2. Short skirt

  The short skirt is very fashionable. It is very suitable for small people. The short skirt has the effect of lengthening legs, and it looks great with short sleeves.

  3. Slim skirt

  The slim skirt also has a sense of temperament. The slit skirt, like this one, exposes the lower leg, which is very distinctive, and does not cover the whole leg, increasing the sense of detail design.

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  How to match it

  1. Medium length skirt+high-heeled shoes

  The mid length skirt can be worn with a dress, which is also very convenient to wear. At the same time, the solid color design is also very durable. It can be paired with a high-heeled shoe, which is more elongated and full of fashion points.

  2. Short skirt+short sleeve

  It is very common to wear short skirts with short sleeves. Although they are common, they have a classic effect. They can be worn without mistakes, but they are very youthful.

  3. Slim skirt+short top

  The slim skirt is really close to the waist. It looks very visual when paired with a short blouse. At the same time, a design with a little high heel is the focus of the street.

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