If you are not tall enough, you should speak in the clothes full of soul! The petite girls have a common problem in the matching of clothes. They are afraid of wearing themselves shorter, and also afraid of wearing themselves too rustic and vulgar. You who love wearing skirts are always worried that the style of skirts is not good enough to wear down the whole, so small people are more important in the choice of skirts.

  Short girls should never choose skirts that will show fat or lower their height. Although some skirts are good-looking, they are definitely not exclusive to small girls. There are many skirt lengths or styles that need girls with a certain height to support them.

  If you are still struggling with how to make yourself wear a skirt that can show a taller and thinner effect, you must look at it. The following three styles of skirts can not only play a good role in showing high effect, but also look more foreign and fashionable in appearance.

  If you don't want to wear your own skirt, because of the limitation of your height, you can choose a skirt that can make a small man look taller. If you choose the right skirt and match it correctly, the expression of fashion will be enhanced.

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  1、 About the minefield for the little man to choose skirt:

  The most taboo for a small man to wear a skirt is to make him shorter if he is not tall. The whole person looks fat and short. Try not to wear the following skirts:

  Five part skirt: cut the body in half, cover the knee, and directly show the calf more fat.

  Ankle length skirt: hide the ankles, which is equal to hiding the proportions of the lower body, showing a short and rustic style, and the proportion is unbalanced.

  The skirt with a large crown: The large skirt has an exaggerated shape, which directly covers the lower part of the body, making the short figure more thin and lifeless. Skirts of such styles as puffy skirts or pleated skirts will overwhelm the whole, which is not suitable for small people to wear.

  2、 It is tall, thin and foreign. It is recommended that small people choose these three kinds of skirts

  First of all, understand the basic requirements of skirt selection for small people: do not affect their own proportion, but improve the proportion. On the basis of not affecting the original height, it is more appropriate to have the effect of lengthening legs.

  Recommended 1: A-line skirt

  The stature itself is petite. It is recommended to expose the legs as much as possible and choose a short skirt, which is more suitable for small people.

  The A-shaped short skirt with a high waist and trapezoidal shape can be said to show the exposed waist line, and also cover the crotch and hip. The narrow to wide outward extension design can extend the lines and hide the short board, and the legs will appear more slender and straight visually.

  Recommendation 2: Midi skirt

  Midi skirt is a design whose length is above the knee but below the ankle. It is not in the awkward position of the knee. It is very high when it is extended downward without hiding the length of the ankle that can affect the proportion.

  As the length of a popular skirt, the special design has the function of pulling proportion and also has great inclusiveness, so small girls can also be confident.

  Recommendation 3: High waist dress

  Don't bother to dress up. As long as you choose the right style, you can have fashionable and fashionable skirts. You must choose a dress. The waist line of the dress is the most important part! Choose a dress with a high waist line, whether it is a short skirt or a mid length skirt, which is suitable for small people.

  The benefits of a high waist dress are:

  With its own waist line, it can divide the body proportion into the tall effect of short up and long down.

  Most of them are three-dimensional in shape, and are basically unaffected by the figure. Small people wear more easily.

  3、 It is more outstanding with the small and high wearing skills

  The skirt area is divided into skirt and dress for analysis. Each skirt and skirt length has a better matching mode, helping the proportion of small people become better.

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  ★ Skirt section ★

  No.1 The principle of not hiding waist line, short up+long down

  It has been said that the waist line is very important and has the function of dividing proportion, so the matching of the skirt must highlight its waist line.

  Secondly, based on the principle of "short upper part and long lower part", the blouse is short and matched with a high waist skirt to create a short upper body and long lower body in one second.

  PS: When necessary, you can add a belt for yourself, which not only helps to make the shape more foreign, but also makes the waist line more prominent!

  No.2 upper body skin dew+short skirt method, with high vitality

  Skin dew in summer is cool and girly, especially for small people. Wearing skin dew clothes has the effect of reducing age.

  The upper part of the body can choose a fresh small sling or a style such as off shoulder dress. With a short skirt with a high waist, the upper arm and lower leg can be exposed, and the elevation effect can be seen!

  PS: The combination of light color and light color is used to reduce the age of the girl, and the overall skeleton is enlarged to alleviate the sense of thinness.

long dresses for short ladies recommend!

  ★ Dress area ★

  No.1 petite skeleton directly select short dress

  If you are a petite short man with a skeleton, you should directly choose a short dress for your dress. It is not recommended to consider a long dress. Try to relieve your petite figure by exposing your legs.

  Note: If you are a small girl with narrow shoulders, try to expose the shoulder line to get more points. For example, choose a dress with straight shoulders or suspenders, which is very eye-catching!

  No.2 Try to avoid dark color and choose light color skirt

  The effect of dark color on small people is not friendly. On the contrary, you should choose a skirt with light color to enlarge it. Try not to use dark colored skirts to press children and hide meat. The light color is fresh, more energetic, and more tall.

  Through the comparison between dark color skirt and light color skirt, under the premise of similar style and length, the dark color skirt is more petite, while the light color skirt is more grand in the overall effect.

  No. 3 The design is fresh but not stale, and the elements are simple but not complex

  On the one hand, the old style design will appear rustic, on the other hand, it will also make the small man less energetic. Try to choose a simple design. The elements on the skirt should not be too much. The more complex the design, the more vulgar and short, with a sense of burden.

  It is very suitable to wear floral skirts in spring and summer. It is suggested that the color of floral skirts should be light and clean as far as possible; It is also recommended to choose the flowers with sparse distance as far as possible, because the flowers with dense distance are more oppressive and will affect the children.

  Try to choose a dress with smooth and flat fabric. The more pleats or designs around it, the more obvious the effect of weight bearing will be. On the contrary, the smooth skirt is more pure and high.

  If you are still worried about your petite figure and don't know how to choose a skirt, please look at the above three skirts and wear them properly. When you look in the mirror, you will instantly become a little beauty with a sense of vision!

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