Cocktail gowns were first banned in the 1920s, when drinking was illegal. Under the guise of the Party, in the society of women and men, wearing clothes is the intersection of evening wear and day wear. In the design of cocktail dress, the style related to baffle is currently under development. At that time, the length was relatively conservative, sweeping the knee and even hanging to the ankle.

  Dressing at cocktail parties is important because it is usually a social symbol. It needs to drink and talk to friends, not the clothes you wear at a formal dinner party. This is the evening dress above, but it is more charming and casual than the ordinary day dress. It is considered a semi formal dress.

  The general rule of thumb for cocktail dress is that it should not be thin, transparent, too short or too long. Basically, something between the formal and leisure spectrum. From classic black dress (LBD) to A-line, strapless, embellishment, lace or long sleeved midi dress are your right choice.


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  8 must know precautions for women's cocktail dress

  1. Don't wear a light dress/it can highlight your hem

  Don't upload any transparent, inferior clothes or clothes that cause you to draw unnecessary attention at the cocktail party. Watch your neckline. Don't be too sexy. Black small dress is an eternal choice. Sleeveless dress, sweet neckline and long sleeves are all available.

  2. Don't wear oversized dresses/you can wear medium-sized dresses

  Avoid wearing too long and too large dresses to cocktail parties. If you don't like shorter dresses, Midi size dresses are the perfect cocktail dresses.

  3. Do not wear jeans/can wear other kinds of trousers

  Jeans may be your ultimate comfortable clothes, but they are not suitable for cocktail parties because they do not belong to the formal clothing category. On the contrary, suit pants or other silk or chiffon shirts, paired with pearl necklaces, are the best choice.

  4. Don't carry a huge bag/can carry a handbag

  As a woman, I know that we hope our bags can take out what we need at any time like a small convenience store, because we often carry a large bag, but we can change this idea when we attend cocktail parties. Women's small backpack is a good choice. You can also take a small and fashionable handbag. If you think the bag is not big enough, you can put the big bag in the car, and put absolutely necessary things such as money and mobile phones in the handbag.

  5. Do not wear slippers/can wear high-heeled shoes or high-heeled sandals

  We all like to wear slippers or flip flops when we are relaxing, which is very comfortable. Not only slippers, boots, and flat sandals are not suitable for cocktail parties. High heels, high-heeled shoes with thick soles, high-heeled sandals and other slightly formal shoes can be worn at the reception.

  6. Not too many accessories/one or two accessories can be matched

  Accessories are very useful in improving the overall effect of your clothes, but if you match accessories excessively, jewelry is definitely not suitable for drinking parties. Only one or two accessories, such as bracelets, rings and necklaces, are required, but they should be kept to a minimum to make the finishing point.

  7. Don't wear wrinkled clothes/consider dry cleaning or ironing your clothes

  If you are considering wearing a trousers, fancy trousers or jumpsuit, please make sure it is smooth and smooth rather than wrinkled. Simply iron with clean detergent. In addition, you usually have enough time to prepare for the event, so lack of time is not a reason.

  8. Don't expose your underwear or shoulder straps/use a strapless bra or bra patch.

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  Never make your coat transparent or translucent, or wear a coat that is off the shoulder at a cocktail party. In this way, your bra will show up or your shoulder straps will be exposed, which is not inappropriate.

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